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Technical Features

Your absolutely free download of POKERobot comes complete with all of the following features:

Artificial Intelligence - POKERobot’s secret lies in its use of Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms.
Multiple Table Capability - gives you the opportunity to run POKERobot on an unlimited number of tables.
Auto Screen Scrape - POKERobot automatically recognizes each card in your hand.
Pot Odds - the program displays pot odds so that you know how much to call.
Implied Odds - the program automatically adds implied odds to your pot odds, giving you the maximum betting advantage.
Chance To Win - POKERobot uses opponent modeling, player stats and simulations to calculate your chances of winning.
Opponent Modeling - recognizes the players betting pattern using an artificial neural network.
Player Stats - memorizes the game styles of your opponents, and applies this information to your implied and hand odds.
Simulation - POKERobot can randomly simulate games to determine which decision will be most profitable for you (i.e. check, raise etc.).
Automatically Changes Playing Style - you can customize your style of play to fit real or play money tables while optimizing player assumptions.
Randomized Response Time - this feature allows POKERobot to simulate the same unpredictable actions of a human being.
New: Response time setting - It's now possible to set the random response time interval in the settings.
Watch mode - Just disable the Auto Play feature, and POKERobot will display tips and statistics for you!
Auto-stop timer - Allows you to set a time limit for how long the POKERobot plays for you.
Hand strength bar - POKERobot displays your hand strength automatically for easy monitoring.
Pop: Semi-Auto mode - allows you to play the good hands, while POKERobot folds all bad hands automatically. This mode allows for serious No-Limit gaming!

How does POKERobot make decisions about what moves to make?
POKERobot calculates your chance to win, then compares this with the pot odds. The result of this comparison is the advice that POKERobot gives you.

How does POKERobot calculate my chances of winning?
Before beginning any calculations, POKERobot has to collect information from several sources, including your cards, your position and your opponents' bets. The betting pattern of the first opponent is then transferred to POKERobot's neural network. The network is already 'trained' to predict the next 101 hand strengths of an opponent (0%-100%). This procedure is performed for all opponents, after which POKERobot determines 1 to 3 of the strongest. POKERobot then stores all the information collected into a hand-strength probability table.

POKERobot can also calculate the probability of an opponent having a certain pocket hand. For example, if the opponent had double Jacks in the Flop, and you calculated that he, at the time had a hand strength of 30%, then we can, thanks to the hand-strength probability-table, find out the probability of our opponent having double Jacks.

Finally, POKERobot has one very complex procedure to perform: the evaluation of all possible card outcomes, for both the strongest opponents and the next betting round. All outcomes for an opponent are weighted proportionally with the card probability-table. The result is calculated with this formula:

Win-Loss+Tie/2 divided by all outcomes

The result is a very accurate prediction of your chances to win.