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Sick and Tired of Losing At Internet Poker?
Start Playing Better and Earning More than Ever with this Powerful and
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POKERobotIf you’re playing online poker in any casino, chances are you’re at a horrible disadvantage. Why? Because, according to statistics, 1 in 12 players at online poker tables are not even human! Poker robots have many names, but all have the same things in common. They don’t have a conscience and don’t second-guess themselves like humans do, and so will stop at nothing to win. In fact, so many players are using robots that you might actually be spending hours at your favourite online casino, day after day, just to lose!

You love the game, and you’ve probably read a few things about strategy and put them into practice when you play online. But is there something more you could be doing to improve your game and increase your chances of winning more money?

The Problem with Other Poker Robots (Bots)

The average poker robot program can be very risky for players to use. That’s because of their simple construction. Most bots can’t change anything about the way they play. This makes it very easy for online casinos to detect them. Once detected, a player running a bot can be kicked off of any table at lightning speed. But that was then! There’s a new bot on the block that will not only blow the others out of the water, but will earn you money every time!

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Introducing POKERobot
This incredibly efficient software not only learns how you play poker, but records every hand! Using the information it gathers from your style of play, POKERobot becomes a terrific companion as you refer to it time and again to refine your game.

Contrary to what you may have heard, POKERobot is not illegal. Why? Because it is the same kind of software that new poker players use in order to learn the game. Yes, the use of bots is against the terms and conditions of some online poker sites, but using POKERobot will not get you banned from them because it is undetectable. Yup, you read that right! POKERobot has been used consistently in every online casino that exists, and has still not been detected! But, we know that you might still be worried about using POKERobot. That’s why we’ve made the entire process worry-free! Once you start POKERobot, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of online casino rooms that don’t frown upon the use of this awesome program!

Why Using POKERobot Can Win You More

Remember when I told you that POKERobot learns your style of play? That’s only the tip of the iceberg! This incredible and free software also takes into consideration and calculates:
-          the amount being betted
-          the hands that everyone is playing
-          the odds of seeing a certain card
-          the styles of other players at the table, including the cards they’ve already played
And all that happens before POKERobot even plays your hand!

If you’re thinking “Wow; those are a lot of calculations!” you are absolutely right, because POKERobot processes no less than 1,872,987 calculations per second! Imagine having that kind of power on your side the next time you visit your favourite online casino!

Completely Customizable Settings
You can choose to have POKERobot display every card for you. And, no matter which table you are playing at, POKERobot can be easily adjusted to play in that table’s unique style. The convenient ‘slider’ feature allows you to customize POKERobot’s style of play from loose to tight (passive to aggressive), making sure that you always maximize your chances of winning!

POKERobot’s semi-auto mode offers every player the ultimate in convenience. Once set, semi-auto mode will only fold when you receive a bad hand. But when you receive a good hand, you get to play it! Semi-auto mode is truly a time-saving feature that will come in handy, especially if you are playing at multiple tables and want to focus on where the cards are best!

POKERobot’s ‘set it and forget it’ technology allows you to set the program to run for a certain number of hours before automatically stopping play, giving you the opportunity to win money even if you’re away from your computer!

Not only that, but you can log into our secure members’ area at any time to submit your game play statistics, so you can see just how hard POKERobot works to win you money!

How Much Can You Actually Win with POKERobot?
We tested, tweaked and improved our POKERobot software using limit Texas Hold’em. Our POKERobot program was able to play a nearly perfect game, winning an average of $23 per hour! That’s over $1000 per week! A popular way of using our poker robot is to play No-Limit tables in Semi-Auto mode. The bot, will not allow you to play loser hands, and will automatically fold them for you. When you receive a good hand however, it will make a sound and hand over the controls to you! This way of playing has showed to be extremely profitable and there is really no limit to how much you can earn! Results of as much as $4000 per run has been submitted by our beta users!  
Can Anyone Use POKERobot?
Absolutely! If you are able to surf the web, you can use POKERobot to increase your poker winnings. The software is very simple to use; just hit the ‘start’ button, and you’re on your way to more poker winnings. It just doesn’t get any easier!

Why is POKERobot Free?
Most people think I am off my rocker. And they’re probably right – I could charge any amount of money for POKERobot and probably make millions doing it. But there’s a method to my madness. Remember, POKERobot only gets better with time – the more it’s tested, the more it ‘learns’ about different styles of play, and the more profitable it becomes for anyone who uses it. So, in order to make POKERobot the best it can be, I’m offering it free to anyone wishing to become a beta tester. It’s the ultimate win-win situation; you help to improve my program, and in exchange for that help, you receive a 100% deposit bonus and the chance to earn a completely effortless $23/hour!

Just look at what some of my other beta testers had to say about the POKERobot program:

"I was a bit sceptical at first - I mean - a FREE Poker bot? How good (or bad) can that be? But with the right settings while sitting at the right table it really does make money. Last run: 23$ in 1.5 hours at a 0.25$/0.50$ table."  - Jan M.

"I use this bot to play No Limit poker in semi-auto mode. This enables me to work at the same time and I make more from my poker play now than I do from my job as a Computer Technician! I only play a good hand every now and then, and let the bot do the boring work for me while I work. POKERobot prevents me from doing any stupid mistakes. Thanks for doing a great job!"

"POKERobot really intrigues me. This morning at a .05/.10 table we flopped a diamond straight flush to the king. We were first to act; the bot bet, 3 others in the pot called. Non diamond on the turn, bot checked, cut off bet, bot called along with everyone else. Small diamond on the river, bot checked again. After we checked, it went bet, call and raise. The bot then chek-raised, folded to the cut off who reraised and the bot capped it. The Bot played the nuts perfectly to get as much money in the pot as it could. Until next time - thanks again! "  - Raye

We’ll give you Free Money, so you never have To Risk Your Own

You read it right – simply download POKERobot right now for free, and we’ll give you a 100% deposit bonus up to $500! Whatever you deposit into your account, we’ll match it dollar for dollar, up to $500! If POKERobot doesn’t amaze and impress you, just uninstall the software – and keep your 100% deposit bonus!

Still Skeptical?
That’s great! Being skeptical means that you’re interested in educating yourself about the world of poker robots. And you should, because they’ve been reported on and written about all over the country! In fact, I’ve even conducted a little research for you. MSNBC and Wired.com both have great articles on the subject of poker robots that I strongly suggest you read:


Are You Ready to Start Playing Better Poker Than Ever Before?
Simply fill out the form below to become a beta tester, and be prepared to play the best poker of your life! The odds are definitely in your favour, and you have nothing to lose. As soon as you sign up and download the software, you’ll be eligible for the 100% deposit bonus up to $500, and be well on your way to earning $23 an hour!


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